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Wastewater experts

The wastewater area is complex and our renowned wastewater technology is built on decades of experience, innovation, scientific trials and testing. Call Grundfos to gain access to our expertise within any of the wastewater areas: drainage water, surface water, grey water and black water.

Specialised products

Grundfos wastewater products are specialised pieces of technology, each one constructed to meet its unique set of demands. They share the intelligent design, high quality materials and high efficiency common to all Grundfos solutions

  • Wastewater pumps
  • Lifting stations
  • Pre-fabricated pumping stations with pit pumps and controls

Dedicated Controls and AUTOADAPT3

A wastewater solution is at its best when monitored and controlled by a Grundfos Dedicated Controls system that also allows sewage handling to be integrated in the building management system. And the Dedicated Controls remote-access feature ensures that you will never be caught off guard. Our AUTOADAPT3 function means that your submersible wastewater pumps become a self-controlled unit with pressure sensors that control the pump’s start and stop functions. AUTOADAPT3 also ensures easy installation, intelligent monitoring and much more.

Pressure boosting products

Grundfos S Pumps

The S pumps are a range of free-flow channel impeller pumps specifically designed for pumping sewage and wastewater

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Grundfos SE Pumps

Submersible Grundfos SE sewage pumps (1.1-11 kW) are fitted with either S-tube

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Grundfos KPC Pumps

Submersible Grundfos Drainage Pumps (DP) cover a motor range of 0.9-2.6 kW

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Grundfos Uni-lift CC

Grundfos UNILIFT CC pumps are single-stage submersible pumps designed for pumping clean, non-aggressive water and slightly dirty (grey) wastewater.

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Victaulic Waste Water

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Victaulic Valves

from 14 – 60” / DN350 – DN1500

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